I’m Amber and I want to help you not feel like crap anymore! Together we will get to the root of your symptoms by balancing blood sugar, digestion, and eliminating toxins in your life through nutrition, massage, and wellness.

Why am I so obsessed with functional wellness?Because I’ve seen first hand how it takes a person from feeling like crap all the time to feeling like a bad ass human!

My passion for bio-individual nutrition eventually turned into a career (not just a hobby) once I finally took an honest look at my own health ... which I thought was pretty decent.  HA!

  • Having to eat every 3 hours and make sure I had emergency snacks on me at all times?  Not ideal.

  • Chronic monthly yeast infections and debilitating PMS?  Not.  F’ing.  Normal.

  • Constant fatigue?  Not normal!

My interest in nutrition actually started because of my husband, who was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder around 2006.  After dealing with Western medicine for a few years and getting more and more sick, he finally saw a naturopath.  This is where everything clicked and I realized that we can use food to start healing our bodies.  Heck yes!  I eventually found the Nutritional Therapy Association and became a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, followed by advanced education in Nutritional Muscle Testing.  This education gave me the tools to work with each client as an individual to determine what is needed on a foundational level to achieve optimal health and vitality. It also gave me the tools to get my own health on track. The best gift of all!


  • I can fast for 14-16 hours without getting hangry.

  • I haven’t had a yeast infection in years and my PMS symptoms are pretty much nil.

  • And the fatigue ... it’s so much better, but still a work in progress! (This is where my obsession with decreasing toxins and overall toxic load comes in)

Would you like to know how I did it?!

  • I began fueling myself with nutrient dense, real foods, including A LOT of good fat! More importantly, I found a personalized combination that worked for me.

  • I turned my body into a fat burner instead of only a sugar burner.

  • I figured out what foods were causing a histamine reaction in my body. Goodbye pork! And let me tell you, I was not happy to find this out. Real talk, I may have dropped the f bomb a couple of times when my practitioner told me. But, my chronic runny nose and the layer of fluidy inflammation all over my body went away, so hurray!

  • I am constantly working to eliminate toxins in my life, without causing more stress.

  • I gave my body some love and space to heal and find a balance that worked for me as an individual.

If you are feeling any of the following, then I’m here to help!

  • You’ve seen countless health care providers that keep giving you a one size fits all protocol?

  • You’ve tried every “diet”, but are still searching for a food template that works for your individual body and life.

  • Lost about where to begin making changes to your food choices for optimal health and sustainability?

  • Sick of needing to eat every 2-3 hours? Or freaking out when you realize you don’t have that snack in your purse and you’re about to rage all over a stranger. (Not like I’ve been there…)

  • Want to eliminate toxins in your life, but are completely overwhelmed about where to start?

Spoiler alert…I can help! Let’s make the journey for a healthy, balanced you -- together.  Use the button below to book your complimentary 30 minute discovery call!