Single Servings

Single Servings

Nutritional Therapy Initial Session

2-hour in person initial session including interview, 350+ personalized symptom questionnaire, hands on functional evaluation, assessment of food sensitivities and success plan. **does not include price of supplements.

$200, follow up sessions $90/hr

Food Switch

Looking to switch to Paleo, Keto, Primal, or a new way of eating? Take the guesswork out of it and let a functional and holistic nutritionist help you. Includes a full kitchen clean-out based on your personal goals and food requirements.

Food restock at grocery store (1) of your choice.

Only available in Seattle. Groceries paid for by the client


Nutritional Assessment Breakdown

Using high-end software, I am able to break down your personal symptoms into individualized lifestyle, dietary, and supplemental recommendations for optimal health and well-being.