Refresh (5 week program)

$497 (or 2 payments of $249)

Initial session includes overview of goals, health concerns, health history, personalized symptom questionnaire, food + mood journal, and a personalized protocol containing trades and upgrades to food choices and personalized supplement and lifestyle recommendations.

Following sessions include weekly phone/video calls to review goals, food journal, questions, and making personalized adjustments along the way.

Begin here to start connecting what and how you eat, stress, and lifestyle to your sleep, energy, mood, and other symptoms. You will finish this package feeling educated about the human body and nutrition, as well as feel empowered to make the right decisions for your unique body!

Add on a self administered Food Inflammation Test from KBMO.

$275 for 132 foods, food colorings, additives. $100 for FIT 22 which tests for 22 of the top food sensitivities.

Supplements not included in price.

Cash, check, or credit card accepted.