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Intro to Kick-Ass Sleep

Get your head straight so you can fall asleep faster + sleep more deeply. 30 minute discussion on sleep tips and 60 minutes of gentle yoga.

Are you frustrated with lying in bed and staring at the ceiling while your monkey mind goes bananas?

Sick of falling asleep just fine, but waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to fall back to sleep?

Tried your fair share of over the counter support, but want to get to the root of your sleeplessness?

Join Karen and I for a 30 minute talk on easy to implement pre-sleep tips and the why's behind these recommendations. After, we will go through a gentle yoga flow that you can take home to help your body relax into a state of mind for amazing and restorative sleep. We also be offering massage during the yoga portion of our workshop. You are guaranteed to feel like a bowl of jello when you leave!

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